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5 Benefits of Group Therapy

Whether it is mental health group therapy or behavioral group therapy, there are many benefits to participating in group therapy in addition to one-on-one counseling. Patients who prefer to participate in individual counseling sessions without attending group therapy are limiting their options and potentially slowing their recovery. Aspire Counseling Services shares the top 5 benefits of group therapy.

1. Groups provide support

Listening to others who are having similar issues as you, and discussing those issues helps to give you clarity about your own issues. This also confirms that you are not alone and others out there can help you with their insights on their own challenges. This tends to bring relief to many people knowing there are others out there that are having similar challenges, whether it is depression, anxiety, addiction, or other mental health or behavioral problems. There is a bonding and therapeutic alliance that develops when you are receiving support in a group session. Growth and learning develop when you are giving support during group therapy.

2. Groups provide a safe place to share

A place to be able to share your thoughts and struggles without judgement provides immense benefits. Sharing with others provides them the opportunity to objectively tell you their thoughts and give you feedback on your behaviors without judgement. Listening to their similar struggles and how they handle different situations can also give you insight and ability to look at your own actions from a different point of view. This can provide clarity that can inspire and motivate positive change in your actions moving forward.

3. Develop communication and social skills

Many people struggling with mental health issues or behavioral health challenges feel isolated and alone. They may struggle with expressing themselves and accepting constructive criticism. Group therapy helps them to develop these communication and social skills. Sharing your experiences with others having similar problems can be therapeutic. Listening to others share their similar problems can help you to develop self awareness.

4. Developing modeling behavior

When listening to others share similar experiences and how they handled them, and feedback from the facilitator, you can learn to model their successful behaviors. Simply copying and imitating the actions of others can help you to develop your own successful behaviors. Many people who are shy or suffering from social anxiety are hesitant to try group therapy. However, these people benefit the most from group therapy. A 2019 Cambridge study showed that group therapy significantly helps those working through social anxiety and life transitions. Modeling behavior development plays a big part in that.

5. Camaraderie and accountability

The other people in group therapy with you are dealing with similar issues as you. Through the sharing process you nurture trust and build camaraderie; and judgement is very unlikely because you are all dealing with similar issues. That trust and camaraderie leads to positive peer pressure and a feeling of accountability. Since everyone is sharing their situations and behaviors, it holds you accountable to wanting to improve your own behaviors to share with the group. This positive impact helps you move forward to achieving your goals.

At Aspire Counseling Services, their experienced and competent therapists ensure that group therapy is ran in a positive and constructive manner. They provide feedback on behaviors and encourage others to provide feedback constructively, which helps all of the above benefits of group therapy to thrive in their sessions. Talk to the experts at Aspire Counseling Services today to see which group therapy sessions will be the most beneficial for you.

Planting Seeds, Saving Lives

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