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National Recovery Month

Since 1989, September has been proclaimed by the White House each year as National Recovery Month. This national observance is to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can effectively help with recovery and living a healthy life. The important message is that treatment does work for those with a mental and/or substance use disorder, and they can lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

National Recovery Month provides the opportunity to celebrate the successes of addiction and mental health treatments. The accomplishments of those in recovery and those who helped them achieve that success are substantial and need to be celebrated. By sharing their success stories, those in recovery help to increase awareness and foster a greater understanding regarding mental and substance use disorders.

The theme for 2021 is, “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,”.  The focus this year is on promoting evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, recognizing the 85,000 treatment professionals across the country who help make recovery possible, and the proud recovery community that has emerged over the past several years. Gone are the old misconceptions regarding addiction. No longer is there a negative stigma behind admitting the need for help or the misbelief that addiction is a moral failing. The proven science and knowledge of the biological components that drive addiction have shown that is it truly a medical disease and the great news is that it is a treatable disease.

No one is alone when they journey through recovery. Friends, family, community, and counselors are there to help throughout the journey and there are effective treatment services that will help everyone to succeed. Over the years the science has evolved to prove the impacted chemical pathways in the brain of those with mental and substance use disorders. The tools of treatment have also continued to develop, such as cognitive and behavioral therapy. September 20, 2021 will be celebrated as National Addiction Professionals Day, to celebrate these vital health system counselors who help to make these recovery journeys possible.

Aspire Counseling Services has many expert mental and substance use counselors with degrees in clinical addiction to help people with mental and substance use disorders. It is important to understand that behind most addiction there is an existence of trauma that needs to be recognized and treated for a successful recovery. The experts at Aspire Counseling Services develop personalized treatment plans to lead everyone with mental and substance use disorders toward a successful recovery and a happy, healthy life.

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