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Once you have made the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol, you will need to face the physical and mental challenges. Mentally, you will need to explore and overcome the reasons behind your addictions, and the challenges with overcoming those addictions. Physically, your body will need to heal and overcome the damage inflicted on it through the misuse of whatever substances you chose. You will need to physically heal to handle the mental healing, and mentally heal to ensure physical healing.

Before beginning the healing process, the use of alcohol and drugs must stop. Aspire Counseling Services will help you through the process of stopping and the mental and physical healing from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Depending on your substances of choice, your body will have damage from those drugs and specific challenges to overcome. Our experienced drug addiction treatment professionals will provide a specialized treatment plan specific to your needs and addictions. Aspire Counseling Services also provides recommendations that will help anyone with healing their body from any type of substance abuse.

Alcohol and drug abuse impact every organ and cell in your body. Misuse of drugs and alcohol results in overwhelming the body’s fluids and interfering with the function of cell metabolism. The use of drugs can deplete your body of vital nutrients, and damage your cellular building blocks, like amino acids. Alcohol damages several organs, such as the liver, heart, gastrointestinal tract, and the central nervous system. Depending on which drugs you misused, the brain and central nervous system may be greatly impacted. As you are going through withdrawals and detoxing, your body can be impacted even worse, but it is a necessary step to becoming healthy.

You will need to implement a variety of tips and strategies to keep you sober and adjust your lifestyle to keep your body functioning at optimum levels. You must focus on proper nutrition and eating healthy all the time. Studies show that the correct intake of calories, nutrients, and vitamins helps the body to heal and even helps control cravings for the abused substance. A healthy diet consists of mostly plants, healthy fats, and whole grains. Minimize your intake of meat and dairy. Learn how to prepare healthy meals, and meal prepping can help to alleviate stress.

Hydration is probably the most important tool in the box when it comes to recovery. Alcohol and drug use can severely dehydrate the body. Drinking the proper amount of water helps to maintain body temperature, help with proper waste elimination, and keeps you emotionally balanced. The dehydrated body cannot heal and restore function in the abused cells. But with proper hydration the organs can once again run smoothly. Drinking water is essential, but electrolytes will also help to restore proper muscle function.

Rest is also crucial to helping the body heal. Ensuring you receive proper sleep on a regular schedule will help both your body and mind. A full eight hours of sleep for several weeks after treatment is critical for your body to repair vital functions. You need to remember that your body is healing, and it will be exhausted during the transition phase from withdrawal to clean and sober. You will need to maintain an active lifestyle once your body is ready but work up to it slowly.

Developing an exercise routine will help you to regain a healthy body and help restore your healthy mind. Start off slow with walks and simply modifying your behavior, such as using the stairs, and biking short distances versus driving. Once your body has recovered and become properly hydrated begin a regular workout routine at least three times per week. A sedentary body cannot properly heal, physical activity will speed recovery. Just remember to not over do it; the body needs time to heal.

An alcohol or drug detox program is incomplete without the support needed to heal the body and mind. Aspire Counseling Services provides that support that takes you not just through the withdrawal and detox process but provides you with the support and assistance you need with a personalized substance abuse treatment program. Contact us today to get started on the road to healthy living.

Planting Seeds, Saving Lives

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Planting Seeds, Saving Lives.

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