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Benefits of Al-Anon Family Support Groups

If you have a loved one seeking treatment for addiction to alcohol or drugs, you might find it beneficial to attend Al-Anon meetings for support for you and your family. There are many benefits to Al-Anon family support groups that can improve the recovery experience for your family and your loved one who is receiving treatment. The knowledge and suggestions you receive at an Al-Anon family support group held at Aspire Counseling Services can have a positive effect on everyone in the house while helping the addict to conquer their addiction.

At the heart of every Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and Al-Anon meeting is the Serenity Prayer asking for “the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Change must happen for an addict to end their struggle with addiction, and for the family to heal from the impact and consequences of the previous addictive behavior. However, families must learn the powerful lesson that much of that change is out of their hands. However, there are things that the family can change that will benefit the family and the struggling addict. Learning to focus on the things you can change and using that knowledge to create a healthy physical and mental environment will benefit everyone involved.

Al-Anon family support groups at Aspire Counseling Services are structured like the 12-Step program the addict is working on to help them with their alcohol and/or drug use disorder. The 12-step program for Al-Anon is designed to help families understand the diseases of alcohol use disorder and drug use disorder and how best to support their loved one during their recovery process. By both the addict and the family members working the programs, the whole family can heal together.

The counselors at Aspire Counseling Services will help the families in the Al-Anon support groups to identify any codependent and enabling behaviors they may be exhibiting that are detrimental to their loved one’s recovery process. Enabling someone to continue using alcohol or drugs by providing them with money, housing, excuses, etc. keeps that person from building a productive life and recovering from their addiction. Love is very powerful, and a family member’s love can often make them unwilling to address the addictive behaviors their loved one may be exhibiting, such as stealing, lying, manipulating, and emotionally abusing their family. Al-Anon helps families to recognize their enabling behavior and develop the skills and techniques needed to address the addictive behavior of their loved one, helping everyone involved to develop independence and a healthier life together.

The greatest benefit of Al-Anon family support groups held at Aspire Counseling Services is the combined support they find within the group itself. By sharing similar experiences and recognizing similar struggles, family members can develop coping strategies that work for them. The family support group meetings offer a safe place to vent frustrations without judgement. The tips and techniques learned in the support meetings will help families to support their loved one on their journey toward sobriety.

If someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction or drug addiction, then reach out now to Aspire Counseling Services. The compassionate professionals at Aspire Counseling Services will help your loved one find sobriety and your family to heal together. Call today!

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