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5 Sober Activities for a Fun Holiday Season

For many people, holiday fun often includes alcohol. For those who are trying to avoid alcohol, this can create many challenges. However, a sober holiday season is anything but boring, you just need to plan some fun, sober activities, and invite your family and friends to have a great time with you. Think about all the fun that children have during the holidays that don’t include alcohol. Some of those activities are still great fun as adults, and there are many more things you can also do to liven up your holiday season. Here are 5 sober activities you can enjoy this holiday season.
Enjoy the Snow and Ice

There is a lot of fun to be had in the snow. Whether you get snow in your backyard or must drive a little distance to find some, snow offers a lot of fun opportunities. You can go sledding, have a snowman building contest, hold a friendly snowball fight, and make some snow angels. Snow skiing and ice-skating are some more great outdoor fun ideas for the holiday season. You can also find a local ice-skating rink and invite some friends for an afternoon or evening of fun.
Turn Decoration Time into a Celebration

Many people consider decorating for the holidays as one more chore on the list of all the things they need to get done during the holidays. Consider turning decoration time into celebration time. Invite family and friends over, play some Christmas music, and decorate your tree and home. Embrace some holiday traditions, such as singing carols, stringing popcorn, sugar cookie decorating, gingerbread house building, card making, ornament decorating, etc.
Hold a Mocktail or Hot Not-Toddy Contest

Invite friends and family over for a little fun challenge to make the best Hot Not-Toddy, or Mocktail. Get or make some small prizes and challenge each attendee to bring their recipe and ingredients for what they think is the best mocktail. You can combine this activity with the above decoration celebration and use some of those same activities to liven up the party.
Holiday Baking

Nothing says holidays like baking. A warm oven, the smell of cookies, and Christmas music playing in the background are some of the best memories many people have of their holiday childhoods. If you have children to spend the holidays with, making cookies is a great activity. Sugar cookies with colored frosting and sprinkles are a holiday necessity! Gingerbread house building is a fun activity and offers some great fun for all ages. Round out the fun with a Christmas movie or two!

Community Celebrations

Most communities offer some type of holiday celebration. Find some local events and get out there and mingle. Attend a tree lighting ceremony or a theatre production of A Christmas Carol or ballet of The Nutcracker. Find a holiday bazaar for some great homemade gifts. Go caroling with a group or get your own group together. Travel around the neighborhoods and view all the holiday lights, you can even put a group of bike riders together for this one. There are usually many community events at the holidays, just get out and enjoy.
The counselors at Aspire Counseling Center can help you to find numerous activities to enjoy the holidays without risking your sobriety. Be sure to attend your group meetings and counseling sessions to keep you on track and focused on your sobriety. Enjoy the holidays while staying safe and sober.

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