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5 Denials of a Person with Substance Use Disorder

One of the key characteristics of a substance use disorder is denial. Many people with substance use disorders live in a world of denial, believing that they are the one in control, regardless of the fact that their life is disintegrating around them. They may have even tried to quit and been unsuccessful but still believe if they really want to, they can do it themselves. If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol or drugs, they likely will show some, if not all, of the following characteristics, lies they tell themselves so that they can keep using.

  1. I Got This

People with substance use disorders, whether they are using alcohol or drugs, convince themselves they are in control and can quit anytime they want. Unfortunately, they ignore the reality that their life is falling apart because of their disorder. They may be missing work or be in trouble at work. They may be having significant problems at home. They may have even tried to quit before and explain those failures away with numerous excuses.

  1. It’s Everyone Else’s Fault

One of the most common responses people with substance use disorders will have to someone who is trying to convince them to seek treatment, is that if that person would just “get off their back” they wouldn’t drink or use drugs so much. They don’t want to admit that they have a problem, and if they can make the person confronting them feel guilty, in their mind it justifies their continued use of alcohol or drugs.

  1. It’s Nobody’s Business What I Do with My Life

One of the biggest lies people with substance use disorders tell themselves is that their alcohol or drug use doesn’t affect anyone but themselves. Reality is that almost everyone around them becomes impacted by their destructive behavior: spouses who worry whether they are coming home, children who suffer through their constant mood swings, employers who lose the once productive employee who now makes mistakes or misses work, families who face the financial worries of missing money, etc.

  1. Detox is A Nightmare Worse than Drug Use

Most people with substance use disorders realize that if they quit alcohol or drugs, they will go through severe withdrawal symptoms that can last for days, and that scares them. The reality is, if they seek help from a treatment center, like Aspire Counseling Services, their treatment plan will be tailored to their specific needs. Part of that treatment plan will likely include medications to ease their withdrawal symptoms. They will also receive counseling to help them deal with their mental and emotional symptoms and help them address their reasons for using alcohol or other substances.

  1. I Can’t Afford Rehab and Don’t Want People to Know

Many people believe that if they seek treatment for a substance use disorder, it is a sign of weakness, not realizing the immense strength and commitment it really takes. Once they admit they need help, they are beginning their first step toward sobriety. Thankfully, society is now recognizing substance use disorder as the disease it is, and most people, including employers are very supportive of those seeking treatment. In fact, most insurance covers treatment for addiction, and Aspire Counseling Services can help you through that process. Aspire can also keep your treatment confidential from anyone you wish; you determine who gets any information, or whether no one receives any information, even if they ask.

If you recognize any of the above characteristics within yourself, or someone you love, then contact Aspire Counseling Services today and they will help you or your loved one get the treatment needed. Don’t let the lies you tell yourself hold you back from taking true control of your life. If your loved one cannot see past the lies, then call Aspire today for advice on how to help them see the truth. Aspire Counseling Services has experienced counselors who have proven treatment plans that successfully help many people to recover from addiction to alcohol or other substances. Call today!

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