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Aspire Counseling Services provides school and community educational opportunities. We provide certified counseling experts to attend school and community events to discuss alcohol and substance abuse and mental health challenges. We are experienced in addressing middle school, high school, and college classes, as well as attending community events and providing educational materials.

Due to the pandemic and social distancing regulations, youth spent a year socially isolated from friends and their normal activities. Due to that social isolation, many of our youth are now facing mental health challenges and substance abuse issues. Teens and young adults are more prone to peer pressure and may not have acquired the tools to stand up to that peer pressure, or to deal with any mental health issues they may be feeling, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

The statistics of youth and young adults overdosing on drugs and committing suicide are both reaching alarming levels. The CDC states that over 13% of Americans reported starting or increasing substance use as a way of coping with stress or emotions during the pandemic, and over 33% report increased alcohol use. Many of these people are between ages 14-25. Health challenges such as stress, anxiety, and depression are also being reported by over 50% of Americans. Learning how to cope with these challenges is crucial when it comes to preparing our youth for a more positive future.

Aspire Counseling Services has experienced counselors that excel at building a quick rapport with youth and talking with them, so that they have a desire to listen and learn. Our counselors will come speak to your classroom or assembly about the social pressures they may be experiencing regarding drugs, alcohol, and mental health challenges. Youth will learn about the variety of illegal drugs and the potential the drugs are laced with deadly Fentanyl. They will learn how to recognize signs of drug use or an overdose in their friends and loved ones. They will also learn about the drugs available to potentially help someone who is overdosing, such as Narcan. Counselors will also discuss the testing strips available to test for possible Fentanyl lacing in what youth may believe is Adderall, Valium, Vicodin, Xanax, Oxycodone or other illegally obtained drugs. Synthetic opioid deaths have risen by over 55% this past year, with over 90,000 Americans dying, many of them young adults.

The goal of the Social Educational Opportunities sessions is to empower youth with the tools they need to recognize and deal with peer pressure, illegal drugs, and mental health challenges. They will also provide youth with the knowledge on how to recognize the warning signs in their friends, and where to seek help for themselves or their friends.

Our youth and young adults are vulnerable and the most effective way to protect them is to educate them regarding the risks. Contact Aspire Counseling Services today to schedule our experienced counselors to come speak with your youth or young adults about these risks. Take the steps to protect our youth and empower them to face their social struggles.

Planting Seeds, Saving Lives

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Planting Seeds, Saving Lives.

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