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5 Signs Your Teen is Depressed

Depression in teenagers has significantly increased over the past few years. According to Mental Health America, nearly 10% of youth ages 11 to 17 suffer from severe major depression. This is why suicide is now the second leading cause of death for ages 5 to 24, with over 5,500 youth committing suicide in 2020. These statistics demonstrate the extreme importance of seeking mental health services for teenagers suffering from depression. As a parent, it is crucial that you understand the potential signs of depression in your teenager, and that simple willpower will not help them overcome depression, they will need mental health treatment. Aspire Counseling Services wants to make sure that parents know the depression signs to watch for in their teens.

Many of the signs of depression are simple behavioral changes that most youth will go through during their teenage years. However, if you are observing more than four of these signs at any given moment, or the signs continue or seem severe, then please seek treatment from the teen mental health experts at Aspire Counseling Services. Any suicidal thoughts and actions should be addressed by immediately seeking professional help from Aspire.

Changes in Behavior

If your teen has had any significant changes in their behavior, this can be a sign of depression. Some changes to watch for include a lack of energy or motivation, which may occur as a loss of interest in activities they previously enjoyed, or withdrawal from family and friends. Some other changes may include changes in sleeping patterns, sleeping too much or too little, or eating patterns, such as eating too little or too often. Remember, most teenagers will show some of these signs at given times, such as outgrowing childish activities, or eating more because they are growing and active. But, if you are seeing extreme changes, or these changes are occurring along with some of the other signs, then you should contact Aspire to have your teenager evaluated.

Mood Changes

Along with the above changes, there are some mood changes that may indicate depression, such as temper outbursts, becoming easily irritated, or experiencing extreme sadness. Your teen may cry often, or just seem sad and disconnected without crying. You may notice that they are becoming irritated or angry easily, typically reacting more severely than normal to simple situations.

Feelings of Anxiety

Your teen may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, or even fear with no conscious reason. They may exhibit feelings of extreme guilt or shame, usually out of proportion to whatever happened, or for no reason at all. Because of their feelings of anxiety, they may have trouble concentrating or struggle with their memory.

Self-Destructive Behaviors

Many times, when teens are experiencing depression, their actions will become self-destructive. You may see that their grades are slipping, or that they are skipping classes or missing school completely. You may notice they start becoming judgmental of themselves and using self-critical remarks. One common reaction teens will have when experiencing depression is using drugs or alcohol to make those feeling go away. Typically, they will discover that it just makes the depression worse, but irrationally they may continue the behavior.

Suicidal Thoughts or Actions

Parents must be especially aware of the possibility of their teenager having suicidal thoughts. This is the most crucial moment that parents must seek professional help. The counselors at Aspire Counseling Services are experienced at working with teenagers experiencing depression, anxiety, using drugs or alcohol, or exhibiting any destructive behaviors. A teenager who is feeling helpless to change their situation, or experiencing the feeling that things will never get better, is really screaming for help inside. If they are making comments about death or dying, or writing, drawing, or listening to music about hopelessness, guns, or death, those are all signs that they may be contemplating committing suicide. Threatening suicide, even if done in a joking manner, is also a serious sign. Any of these actions in the suicidal thoughts category must be immediately addressed by a mental health professional.

If you are noticing these behaviors in your teenager, please don’t hesitate to contact Aspire Counseling Services. The longer you delay, the more your teen is at risk. Please understand that your teen cannot just will the feelings of depression away, they need professional help. The experienced teen counselors at Aspire Counseling Services will meet with your teen to determine the best treatment methods that fit their needs. Aspire offers programs that allow your teen to still have time at home and in school so as not to disrupt their daily schedule as much as possible. Call Aspire now to find out more about their teen mental health services.

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