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Inside this global pandemic we are seeing an epidemic emerge, alcohol and drug abuse. The numbers of people turning to alcohol to escape the stress of the pandemic are alarming, even more so among women. According to a Rand Research Corporation study, Americans drank 14% more during the past year than they had the year prior. However, among women drinking went up by 41%.

Women are wearing more hats than ever during this pandemic. They are still the caregiver of the home and mother of the children, but they are also now the teacher and 24-hour child monitor in isolation with no breaks. Many are working from home while trying to juggle everything else. The fact that people experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression are more likely to drink alcohol explains why so many women are reaching for the bottle. Lack of sleep, improper eating habits, and lack of exercise also add to the risk of mental health issues and alcohol abuse, and we know those are all occurring during this pandemic and resulting quarantine restrictions.

Alcoholism does not occur quickly; it is a gradual abuse of one drink leading to another and another. Women are literally sipping their way into alcohol abuse. Four or more drinks in a two-hour period is considered heavy drinking for women, and since the pandemic it is becoming the norm in many households. Throughout social media you will see many references to “online happy hours”, “wine thirty”, and all kinds of other lighthearted phrases referring to turning to alcohol as an escape mechanism from all the stress and anxiety. The problem is, when the drinking is done the stress and anxiety is still there, so the drinking begins again.

Typically, women are much less likely to reach out for help for alcohol or drug abuse. They are seen as the caregiver of the family and do not want to be viewed as a “bad mom”. This causes many women to hide their drinking problems from everyone. Luckily, more and more brave women are beginning to seek support. Across the country, counseling and rehabilitation programs like Aspire Counseling Services are seeing more and more women seeking assistance for alcohol abuse.

If you are finding yourself turning to alcohol frequently during this pandemic, you are not alone and there is help available. Aspire Counseling Services offers treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction. We offer a simple and easy evaluation process and develop a personalized treatment program to fit your needs. If you just need someone to talk to, we are here! Call Aspire Counseling Services today to take control of your life and learn techniques for coping with the stress and anxiety that has been brought on by this pandemic and the quarantine restrictions, there are better ways than alcohol and we can show you!

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Planting Seeds, Saving Lives.

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