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Most people seek purpose in their lives. They seek something that will provide them with passion and drive. Without purpose it is easy to become depressed and feel despair, which can lead us to seek out unhealthy behaviors, including alcohol and drug abuse. When someone begins the recovery process, they will need to discover their “why”. “Why” actually impacts the recovery process in two different ways. Addicts need to self-reflect and discover why they chose to escape into alcohol or drug abuse, and they need to develop their “why” for staying sober.

The counselors at Aspire Counseling Services help those beginning recovery to examine the origins, nature, and consequences of their alcohol or drug use. Addicts must understand the circumstances, situations, and relationships, that eventually manifested in substance use so they can change and develop the tools and insights to build a foundation for sustainable recovery. Once an addict knows and understands past patterns, triggers, and behaviors, they can learn to avoid the same patterns in the future. In the beginning of recovery, the “why” is about identifying unhealthy patterns and behaviors to make necessary changes. It is the first steps on the road to living honestly and with a purpose.

Abstaining from using alcohol or drugs is a necessary first step to recovery and uncovering the “why” of how you got there helps you to take those steps. However, once you have formed that understanding, and developed those tools and skills to avoid those same patterns, you will need to develop a “why” for living sober so that you can experience purpose in your life. This purpose, or “why”, is what will help you to sustain your recovery and enjoy your life.

When an addict stops using drugs and alcohol, they often feel a loss and are unsure what to do with themselves, and uncertain how to fill the time and energy they previously spent on substance use. Aspire Counseling Services works with addicts to help them discover their why. We help addicts ask the hard questions of themselves to discover what will motivate them to maintain their sobriety.

Discovering Your Why

  • Find Enjoyment
    • Find things you enjoy doing that keep you motivated – work, hobbies, relationships
  • Define Success
    • As you make needed changes, find your definition of success and be honest with yourself as you work toward that success.
  • Discover Your Values
    • For an addict, substance use takes over everything and becomes their priority. As you begin recovery you will need to identify your core values and learn how to live being true to those values.
  • Developing Your Dreams
    • Everyone needs to have hope to develop a sense of purpose. Building your dream will help you to find your purpose, your “why”.


Aspire Counseling Services helps people to recover from alcohol and substance abuse. Our expert counselors work with each client and develop a personalized program that fits their needs and helps them build their skills to guide them on their path to recovery. Discovering your “why” is one of the biggest steps in that recovery process and Aspire Counseling Services counselors excel at helping addicts to build their tools, including discovering their “why”. Contact us today to get started on your path to recovery and a life full of joy, meaning, and purpose.

Planting Seeds, Saving Lives

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Planting Seeds, Saving Lives.

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